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ADS-B and Privacy – Not All Datalinks are Created Equal

Privacy, by definition is the quality or state of being free from company or observation. Privacy is something most of us value - especially in this digital age where information about us is so readily available and searchable to anyone with internet connectivity.


The introduction of digital network technology into the National Airs Space System (NAS) Traffic Management provides a lot of benefits including more accurate and timely information about aircraft position. This allows for improved utilization of the NAS, increasing both capacity and safety. The heart of the system is Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS-B). ADS-B equipped aircraft transmit messages containing information about themselves to both other aircraft and to the ground Air Traffic Control infrastructure. In addition to the basics of position, altitude and velocity, these messages also include identification data, specifically the aircraft's unique 24-bit identifier or "ICAO code" and flight ID - either a call sign or the N-number.

The privacy implications are clear - as we fly, we are telling the world who we are and where we are. But do the advantages of improved airspace utilization and increased safety have to come at the expense of your privacy?


ADS-B In: Take Advantage

By Dave Graham, FreeFlight Systems' NextGen Customer Support Manager 

The 2020 mandate for ADS-B isn't going away. It's time to get serious about a solution. Multiple avionics manufacturers have ADS-B solutions looking for a home in your aircraft. Avionics shops are seeing a spike in demand and a majority are reporting backlogs, some as long as twelve months. Prices for ADS-B systems are decreasing while installation costs are increasing. With a myriad of options available, what should be considered in order to obtain all the benefits of having ADS-B-In?


Pete's Corner: ADS-Be Ready - Asking the Right Questions, Getting the Right Solutions

Each month, Pete Ring, FreeFlight Systems Director of Sales and Marketing, employs his expertise to contribute an industry-related blog on The following is the first installation of the Pete's Corner.

In my line of work, I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak with a lot of pilots on a regular basis. The conversation typically turns to ADS-B, usually because I push it in that direction. As it turns out, pilots are pretty eager to talk about their airplanes, so it's usually not difficult to get the conversation started. Once we get past the typical "it won't happen" comment, I try to take on more of an advisor-type role in helping them select the best solution for their specific flight profile. The following are the questions I ask and the questions you should be able to answer in order to make the best decision about how to equip your aircraft.


Yes, You Can Keep Your Transponder

"Really, I don't have to update my transponder? Are you sure?"

The FAA's ADS-B mandate is quickly approaching and our answer to one of the most common questions asked by general aviaton aircraft owners remains unchanged.


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