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AdsbU landing

ADS-B 101

FreeFlight Systems ADS-B solutions give you access to subscription-free ADS-B weather data broadcasts today and a built-in upgrade path to NextGen compliance.

FreeFlight Systems approach is:

  • Practical: Adds valuable tools for safe flying now.
  • Sensible: Achieves NextGen compliance on a phased, unhurried schedule as products are certified for your aircraft.
  • Affordable: Cost less than either dead-end products or expensive upgrades to closed, proprietary avionics systems.
  • Easy as 1,2,3:
  1. Install the XPLORER ADS-B weather receiver: Based on FreeFlight Systems certified ADS-B solutions, XPLORER adds ADS-B Nexrad and aviation weather information to compatible cockpit displays. Its permanent, clutter-free and upgradable installation protects your avionics investment and costs less than dead-end datalink products.
  2. Add a WAAS GPS: The FreeFlight Systems WAAS GPS upgrade to XPLORER adds the NextGen-required high-integrity position, velocity and time (PVT) source to your aircraft.
  3. Add an "ADS-B Out" transmitter: Add our 978 MHz UAT transmitter to XPLORER (or our 1201 WAAS GPS to a Trig Avionics or other compatible 1090 Mhz Mode S transponder) and your aircraft is fully ADS-B capable and compliant.

ADS-B 978 Solutions

A fully certified, STC and TSO Solution, affordable for any aircraft.

978 rangr-g
For High Value Ground Vehicles to Provide Accurate Position

ADS-B 1090 Solutions

1090 rangr-fdl
High-Performance 1090ES ADS-B Out solution for aircraft operating at FL180 and above plus expandability and long-term value.

ADS-B Testing Solutions

FT-9000 Ramp Tester

Ramp Web

Portable, comprehensive data verification testing for ADS-B universal access transceiver (UAT) and interfaced systems.

ADS-B Position Sources

WAAS/GPS Sensors
1201 waas

Low cost, WAAS/GPS sensors to meet global ADS-B position source requirements Meets TSO-C145a, DO-178B