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foreflightForeFlight 7.1

FreeFlight Systems certified ADS-B In systems are a part of the ForeFlight Connect program. This connectivity solution enables customers to affordably equip their aircraft well in advance of the 2020 mandate and immediately realize the benefits of FIS-B weather and TIS-B traffic. FreeFlight's ADS-B solutions were the first certified systems to integrate with the ForeFlight application.



adsb-viewADS-B View by FreeFlight Systems

FreeFlight Systems’ ADS-B View A is a NextGen airspace app that provides access to ADS-B graphical weather, traffic and other ADS-B services to those aircraft equipped with FreeFlight Systems’ ADS-B receiver and transceiver systems such as the RANGR FDL-978-XVR/RX.

wing-x-proWing X Pro (iPad)

Created by Hilton Software, WingX Pro7 integrates with iPad technology. It’s a premier application for pilots and utilizes features such as Track Up, Geo-Referenced Approach Charts, Split Screen, ADS-B Weather and Traffic, Synthetic Vision with AHRS pitch and bank integration, Terrain and Obstacle overlays, GPWS, Airspeed and Pressure Altitude, ARINC 429 integration, FlightShare™, and more. WingX Pro7 has been the #1 Top Grossing Navigation iPad App in the Apple App Store for 3 years and is the winner of Aviation Consumer’s Best iPad of the Year award. For more information, please visit


iFly GPS by Adventure Pilot (iPad, Android, iFly 720)

The iFly GPS app is designed to enhance the flying experience through a comprehensive and intuitive user interface. Adventure Pilot listens to feedback from pilots, CFIs, and monitors aviation trends to develop a practical and simple-to-use aviation app for pilots. The hassle-free iFly GPS app is designed for ease-of-use, affordability, and to allow for simple integration with any pilot’s flight routine. iFly GPS for iPad delivers full-featured moving map navigation with advanced features like Geo-Referenced Approach Plates, de-cluttered Vector Mode, AutoTaxi+, RealView Airports, Vertical Flight Planning and more. iFly GPS also includes our Higher-Contrast Charts for improved readability on non-sunlight friendly devices like the iPad. For more information, please visit

ekneeboardeKneeboard by Anywhere Education (iPad)

Your mobile leader in Mobile Aviation Education, eKneeboard is an electronic flight bag with pilot training courses. eKneeBoard is the first aviation product that combines the power of a paperless cockpit and the convenience of “On Demand” eEducation courses to sharpen or upgrade your knowledge of aviation. 

eKneeBoard provides a complete paper chart replacement suite of documents for both VFR and IFR pilots at NO cost to you for the state of your choice.  You will have access to airport information, flight planning tools, instrument approach procedures, weather briefing information and flight plan filing capability.

Also features a complete reference library of all of the latest FAA Handbooks, as well as many other documents that will aid in making  you a more knowledgeable and safe pilot. You can search, annotate, highlight and much more as you interact with this material. For more information, please visit

avareAvare (Android)

Avare is a free open source "moving map" aviation GPS, A/FD and EFB app for phones or tablets using the Android Operating System. The app uses an internal or external GPS to determine location, allowing real-time display of location, heading, speed, distance, and altitude on aviation and topographic charts. The user can also access all relevant FAA data in flight without data connection, once it has been downloaded to the device. Ability to display ADS-B data, and to connect with an auto-pilot or flight simulator can be enabled with add-on free open source apps.

There are no ads, no special permissions, and no hidden charges. Avare is adding new features very rapidly, so please see the Play Store for a more complete list.
Notice: This is not an FAA certified GPS. Avare is in the same category as all apps for portable devices like tablets and phones.



FlyQ 1.5 (iPad)

FlyQ EFB from Seattle Avionics is an aviation app that makes flying easier and safer by thoughtfully integrating powerful features in a way that minimizes the number of screen taps and increases readability. It supports more than 13 different ADS-B receivers, and is reasonably priced with annual subscriptions. It also includes split screen, 3D synthetic vision, plates on the map, extended runways, distance measurement systems, fuel prices, and wind-optimized flight planning.


Apps that are pending verification are: 

  • iFlightPlanner
  • FlightPro
  • AvNav EFB (features)

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