Kenia Goodman started at Freeflight Systems in 2017 in a chance opportunity to gain experience in Shipping and Receiving at our Robinson, TX operations. Today, the position and connections that she has made have provided her with a gateway to expand her career in the aviation industry.

“I was a young 20-something trying to find her passion,” explains Goodman. “I joined a temp agency to find something that fit me. I did not have the experience required, but I did not want to allow it to be a detriment to my growth. After working with FreeFlight for three months, they asked me to join full-time. Still to this day, I am incredibly grateful.”

Goodman officially jumped on board the FreeFlight team in June of 2017. Since then, Goodman explained that she has never looked back and enjoys every opportunity that comes her way within FreeFlight’s motivating team environment.

What has been the most important project that you have worked on at FreeFlight?

I have worked on many projects throughout my time with FreeFlight. Revamping how FreeFlight operates our outgoing sales orders has been one of the most important projects for me. The project allowed us to investigate how we could create a new system that would allow us to be on top of our game and see what is expected of us as a company. This system would provide us with an opportunity to maintain our workloads and prioritize our weekly schedules. It has been a project very close to me and one of my proudest moments.

What’s your family life like? How was WFH impacted your day-to-day?

It just Winston (my Yorkie) and I. He has enjoyed me being home more often. We enjoy long walks, with me carrying him most of the way there and back! Working from home has impacted my social life. I am an introverted person, but it’s important to interact with people on a daily basis. With not being able to go out, my reclaim to socialization is talking to my co-workers.

What do you like most about working at FreeFlight Systems?

Autonomy, flexibility, acclamation, and, best of all, opportunity – all of which is embodied in the FreeFlight Way. It is this type of environment that has been established collectively by all of our colleagues.

We have a culture that can laugh with each other and have those important moments of banter. However, we also understand that completing the task at hand is essential, and we seemingly never lose sight of that. At FreeFlight, if you work hard, you will you be rewarded. Additionally, if you innovate and ascend with new ideologies, you will be given the chance to prosper and grow. There is always room for you, whether you create it for yourself or others or if you advance your skills. The opportunity is always there. You have to just “do it.”

If you had to choose a fixed-wing or rotor-wing aircraft, which one would you choose? 

Fixed-wing. These aircraft are more reliable, safer, and can go much faster.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I am a workaholic. Whether it is buying inventory for work or buying inventory for my personal business, I need to work. Sitting still and indoors is not my forte. I enjoy reading and painting; although painting is also not my forte, it is one way I like to relax. I also love music and one of my favorite pass times is going to concerts. I live for live music. It is exhilarating!

Interested in joining the FreeFlight team? Check out our current job openings at www.freeflightsystems.com/careers.