Women of Aviation Week is about celebrating women’s accomplishments in aviation and inspiring others to construct the industry’s future. As we highlight the women that are our aerospace leaders, FreeFlight Systems is proud to encourage more women to join the industry.

Women deliver energy to the industry that facilitates equality and innovation, and FreeFlight is honored to provide an environment that encourages women to become industry leaders. Because of this, we would like to highlight the talented faces behind our team.

What brought you to work in aviation?

In 2005, I started working in aviation, and it was completely by accident! I started by answering phones at a local FBO and just fell in love with the industry and the people and all the magic around aerospace. I’ve now worked for FreeFlight for ten years, this October.

What positive trait(s) do you feel women bring to the industry?

We bring an entirely different perspective to the industry that represents resilience, compassion and a certain tenacity.

What would tell young females interested in joining the industry?

There are so many career paths, not just in flight, to join the industry. There are so many things to get involved in, from sales and marketing to human resources to operations, so don’t focus on flight operations or being a pilot.

Do you have a female mentor or idol in the aviation industry?

Fiona McKay- she started the Leading Ladies of Aerospace and Leading Ladies of Defense that brings different sectors of females together in networking and online events to support mentorship and career pathways in aerospace. She is quite inspiring and to build an organization from scratch and have a huge following is exciting!

Do you have any inspiring lessons that you have learned about life while working in the aviation industry?

To always be kind – this industry is very small, and many folks know each other, so when we have the choice to be extra kind or go the extra mile, do that. It will be the thing that people remember. Back in 2006, at the small airport, I supported a group of cirrus pilots. I still see some of them every year at Oshkosh, and they bring up that summer on how I helped. That is so important!

What’s your favorite thing about the industry?

The people! We get to meet so many people from around the world that bring so many different experiences. Every day is different.

To learn more about Women of Aviation Week, visit womenofaviationweek.iwoaw.org