Women of Aviation Week is about celebrating women’s accomplishments in aviation and inspiring others to construct the industry’s future. As we highlight the women that are our aerospace leaders, FreeFlight Systems is proud to encourage more women to join the industry.

Women deliver energy to the industry that facilitates equality and innovation, and FreeFlight is honored to provide an environment that encourages women to become industry leaders. Because of this, we would like to highlight the talented faces behind our team.

When did you first start working in aviation?

In 2013, I began working in aviation, and I’ve been with FreeFlight for two years.

What brought you to work in aviation? 

What brought me into the aerospace and aviation industry is the number of career opportunities it offers. This industry is super diverse in terms of the options available based on your knowledge, skillset, experience, and personality.

What positive trait(s) do you feel women bring to the industry? 

I believe women bring optimism, relationship building, and strong communication.

What would tell young females interested in joining the industry? 

Prepare to be kept on your toes with a fast-paced but fun environment. Once you are in, it is hard to go back to another industry. I took an almost two-year hiatus that proved that to be the case!

What’s your favorite thing about the industry? 

You learn something new every day!

To learn more about Women of Aviation Week, visit womenofaviationweek.iwoaw.org