Jawaad Gadhia accepts position as Software Engineer at FreeFlight SystemsWelcoming Jawaad Gadhia (Software Quality Assurance and Test Engineer)

FreeFlight Systems, an industry leader in NextGen technologies specializing in avionics design, development, and manufacturing, is proud to employ professionals in aerospace and beyond seeking to deliver remarkable experiences to our end users and networks.

What is your full name and educational background?

My name is Jawaad Gadhia, and I hold a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from Texas A&M University.

What skills will you bring to your new position?

I am adaptable in any situation and am highly detail oriented. My competencies in applied mathematics will greatly aid the Quality Assurance and Test departments. I am looking forward to contributing.

Have you worked in aerospace before?

I have not had the opportunity to work in aerospace before. This is a new industry for me, but I firmly believe that my penchant for excellence and attention to detail falls in line with what is expected from aerospace professionals.

How did you hear about FreeFlight Systems?

FreeFlight Systems is a growing leader in various technologies including radar altimeters, ADS-B, and more. Due to FreeFlight’s recent growth and position in the market, a colleague recommended that I apply to the organization. Upon researching further, it was apparent that FreeFlight’s size and focus on growth would provide for a fast-paced work environment where I would be able to thrive. I look forward to working on some exciting projects.

Headshot of Jawaad Gadhia

Jawaad Gadhia, FreeFlight Systems, Software Engineer

Which facility to you work out of?

I currently live in Forth Worth, Texas, and commute to the Irving, Texas facility.

Which department are you starting in and what insights are you excited to provide?

I will be working primarily in Software Engineering. I am excited to bring forward my knowledge on project management, as well as my background in data testing to aid FreeFlight in their mission.

What brought you to work at FreeFlight Systems?

I wanted to focus more on software and less on client deliverables. I currently have computer science and mathematics skills that are just sitting there waiting to be used. I wanted a position where I can use my skill set to its full potential, and I firmly believe that I will fulfill those goals at FreeFlight Systems.

What is your career background?

After college, I worked as a Pension Specialist for two years. This is where I consulted with clients on how best to implement their company’s pension plans. After that, I did two years as a System Analyst where I maintained and updated client software as well as implemented client projects.

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