October 21, 2019 – IRVING, Texas – NextGen avionics leader FreeFlight Systems announced today that the Company’s RA-4500 is now available with advanced, digital-to-analog converter capabilities, making the system the optimal replacement for legacy altimeters like the KRA-405/405B. This is ideal for business jet owners and operators who are currently looking to either repair or replace their aging 405/405B with a cost-effective, modern radar altimeter solution. The RA-4500 offers clients a highly-dependable, proven radar altimeter system that seamlessly integrates with existing onboard avionics as well as both digital and analog displays and indicators.

“FreeFlight Systems recognizes that legacy aircraft have plenty of quality flight time and capabilities left in them, but lack options for lightweight, practical solutions,” said Pete Ring, FreeFlight Systems’ Vice President, Business Development and Chief Strategy Officer. “The RA-4500 is ideal for TCAS I, single-install aircraft, like Citations and Learjets, extending the useful life of these aircraft while replacing older, heavier avionics.”

FreeFlight Systems’ modern radar altimeters are backed by years of experience and have a proven track record as a reliable solution in the most challenging and critical segments of flight in both fixed and rotor-wing flight operations. The TSO and ETSO-approved systems are extensively deployed worldwide, including some of the largest HEMS operations worldwide. With precision from 2,500 feet to ground level, the RA-­4500 offers the crucial situational awareness required when flying over varying terrains at low altitudes in all conditions.

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FreeFlight Systems designs and manufactures high-performance avionics for flight safety. These solutions deliver substantial safety, cost, environmental, and other benefits from the NextGen airspace transformation. Founded in 2001 and based in Texas, the company pioneered the first certified aviation WAAS/GPS receiver and the first rule-compliant UAT ADS-B system. FreeFlight Systems produces a range of high quality, American-made, competitively priced systems for installation in all aircraft types.

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