Contract Manager

By April 11, 2019

The Contract Manager will serve as a liaison between partner companies, customers, vendors, and independent contractors. They will be the main facilitator for recommendations, record keeping, monitoring, change management, and more.

      • Oversee organizational contract development and management activities, and emphasizing organizational principles of integrity and compliance
      • Ensure that contracts and proposals are properly entered into organizational databases and securely maintained
      • Develop standards for contracts, including presentation of budget, payment terms, general language, provisions and execution processes
      • Perform appropriate administrative and operational research to support proposal and contract development
      • Conduct contract strategy meetings to identify risks and requirements, and obtain senior management input on timelines and deliverables
      • Draft contractual provisions based on strategy discussions, senior management input, and organizational needs and expectations
      • Lead or support contract negotiations in coordination with senior management
      • Assure accuracy and appropriateness of contract text and attachments
      • Engage relevant stakeholders to ensure legal or regulatory requirements, contract standards and that cost targets are met
      • Develop and execute strategies that benefit the organization’s performance and minimize potential risks
      • Maintain deadlines on deliverables and communicate on an ongoing basis with business partners and internal stakeholders about contractual items
      • Review contractual performance with all parties and assure proper flow down
      • Successfully oversee contracts from drafting to execution and long term management and maintenance
      • Automate and streamline processes to keep all conversations and edits in one place for a contract’s lifecycle management
      • Develop and manage digital record management as to mitigate risk by serving as an audit trail and evidence that is easily accessible
      • Maintain complete records on the entire procurement and contract administration processes to assist other departments as is relevant to their involvement in the contract or program
      • Establish procedures for increased efficiency and enhanced workflows as well as to set processes to help reduce manual tasks by automating processes
      • Develop policies with the intent to maintain best practices, providing a baseline for accountability expectations, and protect against legal, regulatory, and liability risks
      • Setting up templates and approval workflows to simplify processes across an organization with regards to contract development and execution
      • Manage access rights within the organizational structure to ensure users have access to appropriate documents
      • Any additional tasks or duties as assigned by senior management
      • Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Aviation or related field experience preferred
      • Prior work experience in a contract management role, such as purchasing or contracting
      • Excellent communication skills and the willingness to work with cross company teams
      • Ability to systematically analyze complex problems, draw relevant conclusions and implement appropriate solutions
      • Strong verbal and written skills, and ability to convey complex information in a way that others can readily follow
      • Detail oriented, strong organizational skills with ability to carry out tasks with minimal supervision
      • Proven ability to work effectively with diverse personalities in a tactful, decisive, and resourceful manner
      • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Sharepoint, SalesForce
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