GNSS Receivers – Global Navigation Satellites System

GNSS receivers for aircraft satellite positioning. Discover the world’s most reliable Global Navigation Satellites System devices in its class.


Retrofit GNSS Receiver for Global NextGen Position Source Applications

Designed for business, regional, airline transport and heavy rotary wing aircraft, the 1203C provides state-of-the-art aviation GPS technology in a proven package. Providing reliable service to fleets worldwide, the 1203C allows customers to take advantage of the benefits of NextGen without the need for extensive and costly avionics upgrades.

1203 GNSS SBAS GPS Receiver Front Right Angle Product Feature Grey Background
1201C GNSS SBAS GPS Receiver Front Right Angle Product Feature White Background


High-Integrity GNSS Receiver for General and Business Aviation Aircraft

Small, lightweight, and easily installed, the 1201C integrates with existing Mode S Extended Squitter transponders to enable compliance with ADS-B Out equipage requirements. The 1201C is characterized by high performance and operational reliability and longevity.

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