ADS-B Transponder – ADS-B Out

A high-performance, modular system that can be expanded with our RANGR Receiver to show subscription-free ADS-B In weather and traffic on a compatible display or tablet device.


The Foundation of a Comprehensive, Long-Term ADS-B Out Solution

For aircraft operating above 18,000 feet or outside the United States, the FreeFlight RANGR 1090 ADSB Out transponder is a high-performance, modular 1090ES Mode S transponder that is ADS-B Out compliant when paired with a certified SBAS/GNSS solution.

To enable ADS-B In weather and traffic, the RANGR 1090TX can be expanded with the FreeFlight TSO-certified RANGR RX data link receiver, which is compatible with MFDs and tablets for display.


Smallest Mode S Transponder

The system weighs less than one pound including the compact panel-mounted controller and built-in altitude encoder.

Multiple Accessories for SItuational Awareness

With FreeFlight Systems’ ecosystem of accessories, you can ensure fleet situational awareness and safety for all onboard.

TSO Certified & ETSO Certified


Various hardware and service options available. For accurate pricing, contact a technical sales expert.

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FreeFlight Systems offers leading products and solutions to improve situational awareness and to achieve compliance for aviation’s rapidly evolving regulations.

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FreeFlight Systems offers numerous antenna and accessories to help you get the most out of your flight operations. 

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With hundreds of STCs for leading airframes, FreeFlight Systems or its associated sister companies can offer you STCs on virtually any airframe. 

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