RA-4500 MK II™ – Terrain Series Radar Altimeter

The RA-4500 MK II™ upgrades existing RA-4000 and RA-4500 installations with a robust 5G mitigation solution.


5G Tolerant Radar Altimeter Upgrade For Existing Customers

The RA-4500 MK II is a 5G mitigated drop-in replacement for existing RA-4000 and RA-4500 customers. The installation utilizes the existing wiring, structural, and antenna provisions already on the aircraft. This path for upgrade is available to all FreeFlight Systems customers ranging from business aviation, general aviation, military and defense, uncrewed aviation, and rotorcraft platforms.


Trustworthy and Reliable

Trustworthy and reliable solution for commercial and non-scheduled rotorcraft looking for an affordable but effective single install solution for their aircraft.

Small & Lightweight

Small, lightweight, and straightforward retrofit install

Interfaces with Displays

Interfaces with installed cockpit displays or optional standalone RAD-40 and RAD-45 display indicators for smooth and accurate LED AGL readings

Robust, Reliable, & Rugged Enclosure

Multi-Interface Design

Supports RS-485/422, RS-232, and ARINC 429 for easy-to-install adoption onboard for rotorcraft, fixed-wing, & unmanned aircrafts.

TSO & ETSO Certified

The DAL B-rated RA-4500 radar altimeter is certified to TSO-C87 and ETSO-2C87 and is approved to DO-160E and DO-178B Level C.


Various hardware and service options available. For accurate pricing, contact a technical sales expert.

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RAD 45 – Display Indicator

RAD-45 Radar Altimeter Display

Available as a standard or night vision goggle (NVG) capable display, the RAD-45 offers an LED readout of AGL and trend information..

FTG 410 – Tone Generator

Radar Altimeter Tone Generator

The FTG-410 gives pilots important audio alerts when operating at low altitude, at nighttime, over water, or rough terrain.

RA-4500 MK II™ FAQ

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