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FreeFlight is excited to be at the Air Taxi World Congress in San Francisco from October 2nd to 5th

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Our team will be attending and exhibiting at this eVTOL-focused event. 

Air Taxi World Congress is an exclusive gathering solely focused on air taxis and urban eVTOLs. This event is a unique platform, uniting suppliers, OEMs, investors, operators, airlines, airports, vertiports, and urban infrastructure stakeholders. Air Taxi World Congress also facilitates tailored, pre-arranged meetings among these key groups to create spaces to discuss ideas, innovations, and industry standards.  

Seeing the need for spaces to discuss the growing eVTOL industry, Global Travel Investments Limited (GTI) launched this event four years ago. GTI’s mission is to invest in innovative travel businesses and help bring them to life. Thus, this Urban Air Mobility (UAM) focused event aligns well with their mission.  

Connect with our global sales team at this event. 

FreeFlight’s global sales team is excited to be able to attend and exhibit at the Air Taxi World Congress.  Our team is there to learn from and discuss opportunities with the eVTOL community. We look forward to sharing how FreeFlight’s 5G tolerant radar altimetry, ADS-B, and GNSS solutions can benefit the UAM industry.  

If you wish to connect with any of our team members while they are in San Francisco for this event, please feel free to schedule a meeting using the form below. If you wish to learn more about how you can attend the Air Taxi World Congress, please visit their website. 

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