FreeFlight Systems #WomenInAviation Series: Morgan Branum, Manager of HR, Organizational Development, and Compliance Skip to Content

FreeFlight Systems #WomenInAviation Series: Morgan Branum, Manager of HR, Organizational Development, and Compliance

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Women of Aviation Worldwide Week (WOAW) is a global aviation awareness week for females across the globe. Originally marking the anniversary of the world’s first female pilot license on March 8, 1910, the week is a call to address the gender imbalance in the air and space industries.

This week we will be featuring remarkable aviation professionals from across the ACR Group of companies that make us succeed daily. We would like to thank every woman in the ACR Group for their ongoing support, and #ChooseToChallenge the status quo.

Here is a highlight of one of our talented team members.

What is your current role?

I am the Manager of Human Resources, Organizational Development, and Compliance

What brought you to work in aviation?

During the pandemic, I had been furloughed from Walt Disney World, and was wanting to move into the direction of Human Resources. That is when I found my role in FreeFlight Systems which marked my entrance into the aviation industry.

How long have you been part of the FreeFlight Systems team?

1 year

What do you find rewarding about your work at FreeFlight Systems?

I love the people. I have always made it a daily goal to make a difference for at least one person. I now get to make an impact at FreeFlight Systems and Flight Data Systems and can help our teams grow and develop.

What do you enjoy about working in aviation and what do you find challenging?

This is a field that when I started I knew nothing about our products, and have learned over the last year. It has been a great challenge for me, but please do not quiz me on specific planes or helicopters. I am not quite there yet. I find it challenging trying to learn about fixed-wings and rotor-craft, but it’s not a challenge it’s a fun adventure. I just started taking on compliance for both organizations so that is my new challenge, and quite excited about it too. I also enjoy recruiting and getting to brag about our organizations and all we do. Then seeing and hear those that get hired, and watch them fall in love with both organizations as I have.

What has been the most challenging obstacle in your career journey? How did you overcome this obstacle?

My biggest challenge is going to be the compliance piece because it is new to me. I joke and tell everyone I sold Mickey Mouse for 15 years, now I am supporting an entire different type of organization. It is funny to say that while Mickey Mouse is hospitality, aviation is how most of the guests at Walt Disney would get to Walt Disney World. I will overcome this obstacle by laying out strategic plans while working with every department in the organization to ensure success and clear understanding.

What advice would you give to your 15-year-old self?

Never change who you are, and you do not have to please everyone, even though you will try hard. Don’t let people tell you not to wear your heart on your sleeve, because it makes you humble and empathetic towards others.

Why is gender diversity within the industry important to you?

It allows for different and unique perspectives and being able to learn from each other.

What would you tell young females interested in joining the industry?

If you want a fun, interesting, fast-paced environment where you get to work with an amazing group of people this is the way to go.

Do you have a mentor or idol in aviation?

I have always loved everything about Amelia Earhart.

What are some valuable life lessons you have learned while working in aviation?

Listen to your gut and listen to your people. Most importantly, have fun. I love the quote, “when fears are grounded, dreams take flight.”

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